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World T20, 2nd Semi-Final

India vs West Indies

at Mumbai, Mar 31, 2016
West Indies 196/3 beat India 192/2 by 7 wickets

ICC Knock Out tournament 1998 in Dhaka

ICC Knock Out tournament in Dhaka

The first two tournaments, then named the ICC Knock Out tournament, took place in 1998 and 2000. These early tournaments were intended to raise the profile of the game in the host nations (Bangladesh and Kenya).
All of the matches in the 1998 ICC Knock Out were played in Dhaka. The tournament started with a preliminary match between New Zealand and Zimbabwe to decide which would proceed to the Quarter Finals.

ICC Knock Out tournament 1998 in Dhaka Results

Preliminary match

October 24 Zimbabwe (258-7, 50 ov) lost to New Zealand (260-5, 50 ov) by 6 wickets.

Quarter Finals

October 25 England (281-7, 50 ov) lost to South Africa (283-4, 46.4 ov) by 6 wickets.
October 26 New Zealand (188, 49.5 ov) lost to Sri Lanka (191-5, 41.3 ov) by 5 wickets.
October 28 India (307-8, 50 ov) beat Australia (263, 48.1 ov) by 44 runs.
October 29 West Indies (289-9, 50 ov) beat Pakistan (259-9, 50 ov) by 30 runs.

Semi Finals

October 30 South Africa (240-7, 39 ov) beat Sri Lanka (132 , 23.4 ov) by 92 runs.
October 31 India (242-6, 50 ov) lost to West Indies (245-4, 47 ov) by 6 wickets.


November 1 West Indies (245, 49.3 ov) lost to South Africa (248-6, 47 ov) by 4 wickets.

Champions Trophy History

As one of cricket's most prestigious events, the ICC Champions Trophy sits alongside the World Cup as one of the two "majors" of international cricket. The two tournaments are the only occasions on the cricket calendar when all 10 Test-playing nations come together to compete in the one event.
Originally introduced as the ICC Knock Out tournament in 1998 and staged every two years since that time, the event has evolved into a round-robin competition with teams split into pool groups based on their official ICC one-day international rankings. In 2002, the tournament was renamed the ICC Champions Trophy to reflect the new competition format.

Year Venue       Winner        Runners up   Format 
1998 Bangladesh  South Africa  West Indies  Knockout 
2000 Kenya       New Zealand   India        Knockout 
2002 Sri Lanka   India/Lanka*               Round robin 
2004 England     West Indies   England      Round robin 
2006 India                                Round robin 

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