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World T20, 2nd Semi-Final

India vs West Indies

at Mumbai, Mar 31, 2016
West Indies 196/3 beat India 192/2 by 7 wickets

ICC Champions Trophy 2006

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England vs West Indies [Q2], Ahmedabad

Group A, Match 5 WIN vs ENG: Consolation three-wicket win for England

Pietersen hit nine fours and a six in his unbeaten 90 as he guided England to a 3 wicket victory with nine balls to spare. Earlier Flintoff bowled for the first time since an ankle surgery but failed to take any wickets as West Indies hit 272-4. For Windies Gayle (101) put on 174 for the second wicket with Bravo (112) in the Champions Trophy match in Ahmedabad. West Indies (Playing XI) :C H Gayle, S Chanderpaul, R R Sarwan, B C Lara, R S Morton, M N Samuels, F H Edwards, D J Bravo, C S Baugh, C D Collymore, J E Taylor
England (Playing XI) :A J Strauss, I R Bell, A Flintoff, M H Yardy, K P Pietersen, P D Collingwood, J W M Dalrymple, C M W Read, S I Mahmood, J Lewis, J M Anderson
ICC Champions Trophy, Ahmedabad: West Indies 272-4 lost to England 276-7 by three wickets

Windies looks like champion material

After beating two of the best sides in the tournament World champions Australia and hosts India - West Indies's entry into the semifinals is guaranteed. And after losing to the same two teams, and now having to face West Indies, England is a totally off-colour team with no confidence. England is continuing a poor run in limited-overs games which has seen nine defeats in 12 matches. However, the English captain Andrew Flintoff says they are determined to finish the tournament with a flourish in Ahmedabad.
"We're playing for pride - and pride's a strong thing - so we'll go in there trying to beat the West Indies and go home on a high. West Indies Captain Brian Lara, meanwhile, has dismissed suggestions that they might rest key players, including himself, for the England game. "It's important that we get the best team out there. We don't want to have a hiccup at this time," he explained.

Champions Trophy Group A : England vs West Indies [Q2], Ahmedabad


England beat West Indies by 3 wickets
West Indies won the toss and decided to bat
272 for 4 (50.0 overs)
276 for 7 (48.3 overs)

West Indies Innings
C H Gayle run out
128 10 1
S Chanderpaul lbw b J Lewis
22 2 0
D J Bravo not out
124 14 1
R R Sarwan c P D Collingwood b S I Mahmood
19 3 1
B C Lara
b S I Mahmood
6 0 0
M N Samuels not out
2 0 0
1nb 9w 1lb 11
for 4 272 (50.0 ovs)

J M Anderson 10.0 0 72 0
J Lewis 10.0 1 35 1
A Flintoff 5.0 0 27 0
S I Mahmood 7.0 0 44 2
M H Yardy 5.0 1 32 0
J W M Dalrymple 10.0 0 42 0
P D Collingwood 3.0 0 19 0
Fall of wicket
35 S Chanderpaul
209 C H Gayle
259 R R Sarwan
268 B C Lara

England Innings
A J Strauss
b C H Gayle
47 8 0
I R Bell run out
79 6 0
A Flintoff c J E Taylor b C H Gayle
27 4 0
P D Collingwood c D J Bravo b C H Gayle
1 0 0
K P Pietersen not out
86 9 1
M H Yardy c D J Bravo b M N Samuels
23 0 0
J W M Dalrymple
b M N Samuels
13 1 0
C M W Read c C H Gayle b D J Bravo
7 0 0
S I Mahmood not out
12 2 0
4nb 10w 11lb 25
for 7 276 (48.3 ovs)

F H Edwards 7.0 0 56 0
J E Taylor 8.3 0 64 0
C D Collymore 10.0 1 43 0
C H Gayle 10.0 1 31 3
M N Samuels 10.0 0 45 2
D J Bravo 3.0 0 26 1
Fall of wicket
82 A J Strauss
126 A Flintoff
127 P D Collingwood
162 I R Bell
180 M H Yardy
214 J W M Dalrymple
232 C M W Read

Umpires: D J Harper, S J A Taufel

Champions Trophy Group A : England vs West Indies [Q2], Ahmedabad


Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad

The Sardar Patel (Gujarat) Stadium in Motera is another impressive stadium in terms of facilities for the players. The ground will host two preliminaries and three second round matches. India will meet a qualifier on October 26.

Editor: Nishanth Gopinathan.