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World T20, 2nd Semi-Final

India vs West Indies

at Mumbai, Mar 31, 2016
West Indies 196/3 beat India 192/2 by 7 wickets

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DLF Cup Malayasian tri series rules

The DLF Cup Malayasian tri series rules and regulations framed by International Cricket council so called managing body of the world cricket, has not organised properly in terms of regulations or thesystem, i would like to ask a simple question,to Chair person Malcolm Speed, or referee of the tri series, please explain me in detail if youcan, if you don't then the series will be considered as flop on this entire planet. In the history of cricket Q1)when India played againstwest indies in the first match, west indies was declared as won by 29runs by D/L method, however the so called D/L Method was introduced before introduction of power play, then how can the d/l method be put into implementation, India could have easily won, but nothing can be takenfor granted, the right decision was to distribute the pts equally, sojustice would have been made in the first match, Because of foolish rules framed by you ICC why the Indians the whole citizens of thecountry has to suffer, it's not a small issue it is pride of the countryand continent, Q2)The second match against Australia, the sixth wicket Dhoni was given out for No Ball of Brett Lee, was the umpiresleeping and match referee and third were dreaming, immediately thereplay would shown on the screen and Batsmaen Dhoni would have calledback, Why did it not happen? Q3) The eighth wicket of Harbhajan Singhwas not out, the umpire has given him out for caught behind, wherein theball did not touch to the bat as clearly seen in the SNICKO technologywas the umpire sleeping and match referee and third were dreaming againor any conspiracy against INDIA, if these intentional mistakes wouldhave been avoided INDIA would have won the series Overall observation and study proves that it is purely negligence of ICC and Match Referee along with all the umpires to put INDIA away from theTriseries, However the DLF Company Management who is sponsoring theseries is strong, then definitely the objections should be raised andmoney should come back to INDIA Because the match fee paid byspectators, money involved with advt. along with sponsors money, and thetime wasted by the billions of People watching this so called triseriesshould be bought in to justice. I would also request Indian media tohigh light this issues rather discussing more on batsmen fault, becauseaccidental mistakes are forgiven, but not the intentional one.
VishnuBhat, Bangalore

Indian Team Selection

The Indian team to be selected for world cup-2007 should have mix of experience with youth. Accepted the fact that the young players like raina, dhoni has the potential to deliver the best but you ought to have experience players in the team. It was clearly reflected in the recent dlf-cup where absence of an experienced player was felt badly specially in the middle order . The opening slot remains to be big worry..... Sehwag normally performs once in every 8-10 matches.... This is happening since his inception to international cricket. His average in one-dayers prove that ... More than 150 matches with a meagre average of 31.00 not suffice the requirement at all. Is it time to think about one of the world's finest opening batsman of all time..... Mr. Sourav ganguly... Who along with sachin tendulkar created the deadliest opening pair .... Or may be the very very special lakshman. Well i thing a serious and sincere effort in the forthcoming challenger series from our own "dada" may earn him a well deserved place in the indian team for the world cup-2007. We want to see sachin and sourav as the opening pair in the world cup.... The Indian team for the world cup should read as : 1) Sachin Tendulkar
2) Sourav Ganguly
3) Virender Sehwag
4) Rahul Dravid
5) Yuvraj Singh
6) Suresh Raina
7) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
8) Ajit Agarkar
9) Zaheer Khan
10) Munaf Patel
11) Anil Kumble
12) Harbhajan Singh
13) Mohammed Kaif
14) V.V.S Lakshman
15) R.P. Singh
16) L. Balaji
Subhash K Talukdar, Kolkata

Kind Attention : Mr. Sharad Pawar

Dear Mr. Pawar, Its a great feeling that I, Rajesh Narayan, could send you such a humble message for our dearly, lovingly Indian Cricket team. As we all know that we're focusing for the World Cup next year in West Indies under the captaincy of Mr. Rahul Dravid and coach Mr. Greg Chappell. With the current composition, I'm sure that this team can compete any criketing side in the world. As I'm writing this mail to you, I'm watching ESPN wherein they're telecasting an old match of India's tour to Australia (1999-2000) wherein we beat our arch rival Pakistan convincingly in an ODI. I would like to bring to your notice that the team then under the captaincy of Mr. Saurav Ganguly had great talents with respect to batting, bowling & feilding. Players like Hrishikesh Kanitkar, Debashish Mohanty, Jacib Martin, Sunil Joshi etc. should be reviewed for the upcoming World Cup as I feel that these are the same players who got glory to our team India. My humble request is to relook at the captaincy of Mr. Saurav Ganguly and that he should not be over looked for his selection due to some personal differences with our current national team coach Mr. Chappell. We all know that Mr. Dravid is doing a great job but Mr. Ganguly is that person who got the insight of getting fresh, young, gutsy and talented cricketers like Yuvraj, Kaif, Irfan etc into our team. I personally think he has done wonderfully well. I'm sure that you would be receiving mails like this every other day from a common Indian like me. I hope that you'll do justice to one and all. Looking forward for a reply for the same. Yours Sincerely India's patriotic cricket fan
Rajesh Narayan

Sourav Ganguly's exclusion from Indian Team

As a fan of sourav i really dissapointed about his exclusion.i know dravid does not want sourav in the squad.i am praying god for his return.thank you
Prashant Shetty

Biased Attitude of ICC

Dear Shri Pawarsaheb, I have been a cricket fan since 1948 as a 13 year old school going kid when West Indies first came to India. Being an ardent cricket fan, I am apprehensive and skeptical about the future of Cricket and cricketers especially Asian cricketers. I am writing this mail to you in this context and with some hope as you would be the right person to put things straight. The recently concluded ODI triangular series at Kuala Lumpur brought out the biased treatment meted out to the players of the subcontinent by the officials of the ICC and the match referees. It was quite evident in the India Australia match When their batsman Hadin was given out, run out on 99, by the umpire Mr. Asad Rauf, the 3rd umpire intervened and declared him not out as Harbhajan did not have the ball in his hands when he broke the wickets. He was rightly allowed to continue to bat as he was not out. But when Dhoni was given out by the umpire on a no-ball which the umpire had missed, the same 3rd umpire did not think it appropriate to intervene because it was Dhoni an Indian player who was on strike. The same thing happened when Harbhajan was given out. His bat was nowhere near ball but the 3rd umpire still did not intervene. As regards misbehaviour on the field, it was Australian Captain Ricky Ponting who was not only arguing but also making wild gestures at the Umpire, when the Umpire recalled Sachin after giving him out caught in the slips. It was a sporting gesture on the part of the Umpire when he realized he had erred in giving Sachin out, after seeing his mistake on the giant screen. The ball had hit Sachin on the shoulder. But Chris Brod, the 3rd Umpire didnt take any action on Ponting for his misbehaviour on the field for which he explained that that was there was no complaint from the umpire in this case. So Ponting goes unpunished and free to mis behave the next time. In another instance, Andrew Symonds clearly showed his dissent on being given out L.B.W but nothing was done in this case. While Sehwag & some other Indian & Pakistani players have been penalized on flimsy grounds for dissent. It seems that the penalties and reprimands from the ICC and the match referees are restricted only to the players from subcontinent. Many a times other players go without any punishment. As you are aware, Sir, in the latest case in Pakistan & England series where Inzamam has been penalized for no involvement in the ball tampering fracas, while no action has been taken against umpire Hair. He is still being supported by ICC. It was only on your insistence to the ICC that Hair would not officiate in the forthcoming ICC championship. It has been noticed in many cases that a few umpires like Steve Bucknor, Darryl Hair and others and match referees from England, New Zealand, West Indies including Ranjan Madugalle are definitely against players from subcontinent. I have a firm belief that you alone can tackle ICC and make it clear to them to play a fair game without discrimination and that the subcontinent teams arent available to make money alone, as some of the best players are from the subcontinent. I know,Sir, that you are very busy person, but would be happy if you could take up this matter which will help boost the morale of the cricketers and improve the prospects of cricket as a universal game and raise hopes of the millions of cricket fans dissatisfied at the the current situation. Thanking you for sparing some time to read my mail. Yours sincerely
Brojendra Bhende

Indian Cricket - Kind Attn. Mr. PAWAR and Mr. VENGSARKAR

29.10.06 (India does not reach the Champians Trophy finals for the 1 st time) Dear Mr.Sharad Pawar I am presently writing this email watching India lose to Australia (it is looking so) in the Champions Trophy. This is the first time in the history of the tournamrnt that india does not reach the final of this tournament when IT IS PLAYING AT HOME and ofcourse the first time after Greg Chappel has taken over the coach of the Indian Cricket team. THERE CAN BE MANY REASONS FOR IT. CHAPPEL You being a politician should look at his appointment from a political angle also. HAS AUSTRALIAN CRICKET SENT CHAPPEL TO BE THE INDIAN COACH SO AS TO KILL ITS BEST COMPETITION THAT IS INDIA. We all know that the Indain team has not looked good since he has been appointed the captian. Experiments have not worked at all and the whole team has been UNSETTLED IN TERMS OF THEIR GAME AND MENTAL SETUP. Chappel needs to be anserable to someone !!!!!!!!!!!! CAPTAINCY Rahul Dravid thinks too much unnecessarily as a captian and looks as if he isnt a natural captian. Ganguly was much better. As a cricket lover i also know that when the opposition is going great guns you need to to something different very fast and not after 100 runs are scored. Something different means introducing spin early which was not done by Dravid. After 2 wickets another wicket has not fallen. why isnt Tendulkar given to bowl ??? Dont we have to take quick wickets to win....This is just one example of Dravids poor captaincy. TOO MUCH EXPERIMENTATION How can anyone send Irfan Pathan at No.3. It succeds but only a few times than not. We need to play cricket the orthodox way in terms of batting. India has scored the maximum no of runs in this tournament batting the orthodex way. SEHWAG India makes good runs only Shewag clisks as happened against Australia. So if he doesnt play responsibly as done today then he needs to be out of the team for a few matches. Then only he will THINK and PLAY. How can a person play in a team if he fails regularly. I hope the BCCI will think over it so that India can perform well in the world cup. A CRICKET FAN
Kaushik Patel

Bad performance of Indian Cricket

The performance oft the Indian in South Africa makes our heads hang in shame. The same thing that ails Indian politics ails Indian cricket also. What has the present chairman of the board got to do with cricket ? What steps has he taken to tone up the game ? We buy the tickets. Indian players come and 'perform' It is a humiliating defeat match after match. The players are fine, the chairman is fine but only the spectators have become poorer. No one is accountable. No is pulled up for their dismal performance.. The least that can be done is to pay the players based on their performance. Basic amount + so much for a wicket, catch, run.The Master Blaster has blasted 5 runs. But he will be in the next team. He draws his allowance. Chairman gets garlanded. the selection chief trumps up an explanation and everyone is happy except the spectators. We should shed Maharasthrian or other regional attachments. They turn their guns towards the coach. If you give a potter rotten clay can he produce high class clayware? So many youngsters are waiting to get into the team but the regional attachments are blocking their way. The Chairman, the selector chief and the Master Blaster all hail from the same State.As long as the present chairman is there, the Master Blaster is safe.God save the country.
It is shame, shame all the way !!!!

Advice for Good Team Selection

Indian selector cannot find good player; I am giving them option Middle order batsmans:
1.Yashpal Singh (Services)- averaging above 50.
2. S. Badrinath All -Rounders
1. Joginder Singh
2. S. Rana
3. Reetinder Sodhi
4. Laxmi ratan Shukla
Raj Raj

Editor: Nishanth Gopinathan.